Rules and Guidelines


Artistic freedom is encouraged for the duration of this project, but guidelines will be put in place to ensure that discriminatory behaviour is barred and unique ideas are promoted. We have a few rules at the garden:

  1. Absolutely no hate speech/discriminatory messages of any kind.
    1. We encourage critiques of current political issues that create barriers and hamper the well-being of the community. We do not condone or allow for the slandering of individuals or groups on the basis of their gender, race, ethnicity, age, or bodily ability.
  2. No plagiarism.
    1. This does not mean that you are not allowed to be inspired by the works of others – this means you are not allowed to replicate the artwork under the guise of it being your own creation.   
  3. No nudity, violence, or depictions of adult figures.*
    1. Nudity or violence is not an element that will be permitted for the murals or artistic elements incorporated in the garden. The space is meant to be welcoming for all ages and groups.
  4. Please do not place any information such as your name or age on your artwork for the protection of your privacy.

Artwork and murals must be community-related and have a narrative that relates to your experience of being a Windsorite and how that affects your perception of the world around you. A variety of topics of themes can encompass these issues, and it is preferred that you base your art/murals within these themes:

Identity, race and racism, classism, globalization, immigration, intersectionality (race, ethnicity, gender), systemic oppression, social isolation and glass ceilings, food deserts, etc.

We are looking for narratives that visualize and personify various oppressions that youth in Windsor have faced, from all different backgrounds. All participants must be between the ages of 15 and 29. The murals will be created on hard board and then installed in the Comunity garden. We will provide you with the hard board you need. To receive your hard board you need to come to one of our workshop days.

All murals must be approved by one of our art executives, who will be on hand during our workshop days. If you cannot attend the workshop days, don’t worry,  you can still participate in the contest! Participants that do not attend the workshop days will have to be advised to use their own supplies and keep in mind they will have to be outdoor friendly. If they do not stand the test of time, TWF reserves the right to uninstall the mural from the garden. Participants that do not attend the workshop days still must get their murals approved by one of the art executives.

  • Deadline for participation; APRIL 20th
  • Winner’smust be present at Block party on MAY 7th to claim the prize.

To get in contact with our art director or one of our art executives. Just email us at


*Due to the garden being located at the Rose City Islamic Centre, we kindly request that nudity be exempt from the artwork you had in mind out of respect for the religious needs of the center. Thank you!