Who are we? 


Mission and mandate:

The Together We Flourish Community Garden is a youth-led grassroots organization dedicated to engaging and empowering communities. Our vision is to strengthen the sense of community between all Windsorites through collaborative projects and initiatives. We want to help Windsorites live happier and healthier lives through engaging youth and providing the public with unique activities while growing together – in numerous ways. In addition to community gardening, TWF is also involved in many social initiatives targeted at the growth and creative expression of Windsor youth.

Our mission statement: To empower youth and communities through collaborative projects and initiatives.

Mandate: TWF is invested in creating community through challenging discussions about our society and all the variables that intersect alongside it. This is primarily conveyed through collaborative art projects which empower individuals to draw from their own lived experiences and explore what it means to be a community member. We believe that pursuing such discussions will help fashion our community into a more meaningful and inclusive space.

Our desire for social inclusiveness underlines all the work we do to bridge social gaps. This can also be identified in our logo which depicts the sign language for “Together We Flourish.”

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