Breaking Barriers: A Windsor Mural Contest

Breaking BarriersMural Contest (1)The purpose of the Breaking Barriers Mural Project is two-fold: We hope to energize the community by increasing and encouraging interactions between local residents while fostering youth community engagement. We want to instill a sense of community within the residence through the artistic expression of the voices of diverse populations – including YOU!

Art is a strong platform through which relations in a community can shift in a positive way and can break disconnections between residents. This program aims to use the arts as a means of engaging the community and addressing issues of concern for vulnerable youth populations (including newcomer and racialized youth) in Windsor. Public art allows for the acknowledgment of relevant cultural themes and issues such as barriers to social inclusion that can be conveyed through politically-influenced murals that identify systemic issues.

We want you to illustrate your feelings about Windsor – what issues you may have with the city, or what you enjoy about Windsor that makes it worthy of calling it their home. Artistic freedom is emphasized here – your artistic narratives will be incorporated into a public community garden at 5420 Empress St, and will be important in establishing the atmosphere. What would make YOU feel intrigued to stop your walk and take a second look? What aspects would a community garden need to take on that would make you feel the motivation to come and connect with this space?

You will not have to do this alone and unguided – our team of artistic executives will be on standby to help guide you in your process to help unfold your vision in the best way possible. Breaking Barriers will equip you with various artistic tools to address social, cultural and economic issues of concern to your community.  supplies will be provided to you at the workshops; therefor, it is important that you stop by on those dates and pick up your Hard boards and talk to the executives.

Your projects will be unveiled at the end of the summer block party, on May the 7th, where your city representatives will come to witness the transformation of this community space and vote on their favourite pieces. The winners will receive awards as follows:

  • First place: $1000
  • Second place: $500
  • Third place: $250

Collaboration is allowed (and even encouraged!). However, prizes will be allocated to single projects. If two individuals worked on one project and that project received first place, the award would be divided among the group members. Mural projects that are conducted in a group can have a maximum of three group members or in other words, three individuals may be named per application.

Free refreshments provided on workdays!